Dismantle & Removal

We Talk Any Rubbish provide a comprehensive dismantle and removal service, perfect for everything from old kitchen units to decaying sheds and so much more.

If you need your shed or shelves dismantling, we can provide you with a quote – materials will be properly dealt with, disposed of at local landfill or sent to recycling. We will collect and dispose of commercial and residential waste efficiently and ethically. To ensure that as little as possible does into the landfill, we always recycle or reuse anything we can.

Our specialist team can come to your premises and safely dismantle the unwanted item and take it away, ensuring that we cause minimal disruption to your home or business premises.

Whether you are moving home and need to take apart your furniture ready for packing, or you have a old cupboard that you need dismantling, removed and recycled. Trust the task to a professional and highly skilled specialist for a fantastic result. You will save yourself the time and hassle, and avoid the risk of injuring yourself or damaging your furniture and home.


Not only do we provide a dismantle and removal service, we can also re-assemble flat pack furniture.
Once you have reached your new home or business premises, you will ned you furniture setting back up for you. Let our team at We Talk Any Rubbish take care of all your furniture reassembly needs. We are also available to put together your new flat pack purchases for you.

For any more information about our service or to find out more about our pricing, please get in touch!

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